Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cold Frame

I mentioned in an earlier post that we finally finished our first cold frame. Rumor has it you can grow cold hardy greens year-round in Northern New Mexico if you use one of these suckers. How great would it be to have fresh, homegrown Spinach in February? Cold frames are such a simple technology, cheap (free!) to build, and they increase our ability to sustain ourselves year-round tremendously.

We shut it tight at night (even cover it with cardboard for extra insulation) and during the day we crack the windows so it doesn't get tooooo hot in there. We transplanted some chard and lettuce from a less sunny spot, and though I was skeptical, they seem to have rooted. We also planted some leftover cold-hardy seeds in there. Unfortunately, it's been cloudy/snowing for the past 2 days, so I guess this will be a test for the cold frame.

Take a peek inside (when the snow was just beginning):

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