Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stocking Up

Lately I've been focusing on stocking up for the winter months. Since I've never attempted to do this before, I'm kind of sticking with what I know will keep. I'm hoping we'll be able to eat locally grown through more of the year this way, and in addition we can get good prices on flour, rice, and other things that are expected to increase in price. And with the amount of bread and seitan I'm hoping to make this winter, it will be handy to have large quantities of flour available.

I got a 50lb bag of locally grown/milled whole wheat flour through the co-op, and am currently in search of a container to keep it in. We're going to be ordering large bags of rice and quinoa as well, and our housemate should be home soon with a 25lb bag of local organic pintos from the farmer's market. We also invested in that most New Mexican of ornaments, a ristra from our old neighborhood in La Cienega. Unlike most Santa Feans, we will not be hanging ours outside to rot--we'll be using it to cook all winter long. Next week we are going to invest in a very large jar of local jam, because we did not manage to make jam of our own this summer.

We also joined a 10 week winter CSA from Harmony Farm in Abiquiu. We came home today with Spinach, Kale, salad greens, carrots, beets, and a daikon radish today. Yum!


Mikey Sklar said...

Hey Libby,

Wendy and I were recently "stocking up". We ended up going with new 5 gallon buckets from the hardware store. They are very inexpensive and provide a reasonable seal for $4.50. You will probably need to buckets for the 50lb bag of flower. the 25lb bags fit in a 5 gallon bucket easily.

Benjamin Kalish said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of making it hard? How does it come out?

Libby said...

Seitan is super easy to make, but it does feel a bit wasteful. You basically add a bunch of water to flour to make a dough, and then you proceed to use more water to wash out everything but the gluten. Then you boil the little globs of gluten, and voila! Seitan! Next time we make it I'll do a how-to and post it to the blog.