Saturday, November 29, 2008

Filmmaker Marc Israel!

BALANCING ACT: Kombucha/Museum/Event/Travel Documentary preview!

My good friend Marc Israel is a kick-ass filmmaker, and it's about time I mentioned him on my blog. This is his most recent documentary, "A Balancing Act". Back in the day, I helped him to edit his other feature-length doc, "Nearer My God to Thee". Both films showed at numerous film festivals across this great land, and "A Balancing Act" won Best Comedy Documentary at The Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival (DocuFest). Check out what Davy Rothbart (Found Magazine, This American Life) had to say about him:

"Delightful and enormously entertaining, A Balancing Act bursts with the energy and unexpected swerves of a motorcycle joyride. Marc Israel is a daring, imaginative filmmaker with a dazzling sense of play. His honesty, deep sensitivity, & intelligent humor make him one of my favorite filmmakers working today."

Check out his myspace page, to see some of his shorts (I recommend Barkley the Cat: the music video). I hope you enjoy, and if you watch any of his stuff please leave him (or me) feedback!

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