Monday, August 11, 2008

Impulse buy--drip irrigation

One of the big flaws in our garden set up this year is our lack of drip irrigation. This is, by all accounts, the most efficient and easiest way to water a garden (with the possible exception of ollas, but that's another post). It can also be expensive and we just didn't have the time or money to set it up at the beginning of the season.

Well...we went to the hardware store to buy a regular hose, because the one that came with the place is ripped at the base and is leaking probably half of the water into nowhere useful. We left with a regular hose and a "soaker hose", which is a regular half inch hose made out of porous, recycled rubber. It weeps water into the ground, and while it's not a fancy drip system, it makes a big difference.

We set up the 50' soaker hose this evening, snaking it past all the rows of our fall crops. I will post a picture update tomorrow. The hose works beautifully--we will be wasting a lot less water and spending a lot less time standing around with a hose from now on!

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