Monday, August 4, 2008

Cooking Adventures!

As I may have discussed earlier in this blog, I love food, and eating out is probably my biggest vice. Most of the money I spend is spent on eating out. This irks me for several reasons: I have less control over where the food comes from, and it's way more expensive than eating at home. I do like to cook mind you, but there's something wonderful about not having to worry about the dishes and eating something someone else prepared.

At any rate, I'm working on teaching myself to cook a good portion of my food for the week on one day, so that I'll always find something tasty and convenient (and most importantly, homemade) when I open the fridge.

Tonight I made a quiche using local eggs, local milk, sausage made at the coop, and greens from the garden. We also had baby zucchini (sadly not from the garden, but local nonetheless) and for dessert--apple crisp made from dumpstered apples. YUM. There will be quiche left over for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Oh, and I also dehydrated some of the apples by putting them on a screen and putting them in the sun all day.

Tomorrow will be my big cooking day, but so far I don't have much of a plan. I've prepared refrigerator sun pickles--new recipe--to put out in the sun to "brew" tomorrow. We have quite a bit of dumpstered bread, so I won't have to make bread this week. I'm thinking mini-quiches for breakfasts, baked beans, rice, corn tortillas, pizzas, and yogurt. That should get me a pretty good start on the week.

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