Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden Update!

Gratuitous garden pictures!!!!!

Most things are doing pretty well. I think I planted the squash family things too close together, because things are starting to get crowded. We bought some more starts today, and are going to break ground on a new bed to put them in. We got eggplant, two kinds of chiles, basil, and a morning glory vine to trellis around our doorway.


Steven said...

That picture is not flattering to your hand.

Do things grow well down there? You need to water much?

Eve said...

I crowded my cantaloupe up next to my tomatoes and naturally the cantaloupe took over the tomatoes..both are still producing though. We should have cantaloupe this week..I guess plants don't get the memo that they stay in a certain place. I am square foot gardening and things to wander over into the next square a lot.

caddy jeanne said...

i love your freaking blog.

i wont talk about how many gallons of gas i use per month.