Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chicken Coop

Our chicken coop is finally complete! We spent about $80 in materials (split between four people) and used a chicken-raising book's diagrams as a guideline. Here's what we started out with:

The finished coop is raised off the ground on cinder blocks to prevent rodents from nesting in the bedding. It has 2 nesting boxes (you need fewer boxes than chickens) with a hinged roof for egg collection. The main coop has a roost for sleeping and food and water dispensation devices. The coop sports a large door for human use (for cleaning and feeding) and a small door for chicken use. The chickies have a ramp to access the coop. Here's the finished coop on opening day:

I'm going to try to get Tristan to make a step by step Instructable for this project--he did most of the work. Thanks to Sarah for the great pictures!

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