Thursday, July 17, 2008


My coworkers and I have begun to form a bikepool. Since I began biking to work, two of my coworkers who live in the neighborhood have acquired bicycles and joined me on the road. It's so valuable to have other people to motivate me to get on my bike in the morning. I'm so astonished at everyone's excitement to participate--it is a 14 mile round trip, after all. But not only are people excited, they're sticking with it. Even more impressive: they're not obsessed with reducing their carbon footprints, like I am. They seem more interested in saving money or getting excercise than saving the world. And I can respect that. It just goes to show you that there are a wide range of compelling reasons to ditch your car.

If you're considering ditching your car and riding your bike to work, see if you can get someone else to bike with you! You'll be: saving money, burning less oil, getting in shape, getting to know your coworkers, and if you want, making a statement. You could just make a sign that says "Bikepool" or "Bikepool: X miles to the office". I've opted not to make a statement out of the bikepool because my coworkers really aren't as interested in the politics. I'm content that it seems to be making a big impact in the office. I wouldn't be surprised if even more people joined our bikepool or started to bike to work from their own neighborhoods.

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