Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Revolving Revolution

Tristan and I have decided to eliminate the need for a car this summer to save the environment (but more importantly our wallets) from imminent doom. Gas is expected to hit $7 a gallon in the next 6 months, and I know I don't make enough money to support this humongous increase. I find it hard to imagine that ANYONE makes enough money to support the increase. I am very curious to see what will happen to the lower middle class and their car dependencies this summer. What do you all think will happen?

Anyway...On our first day in town we biked to the co-op and bought a backpack full of food. It was hard for me because I'm way out of shape, but it was also extremely gratifying. Yesterday we didn't manage to take a bike ride because we were buying heavy things like compost and moving crap from one house to the other, but today we biked to a cafe to meet friends. After our friends departed, we swung around to the TJ's dumpster and filled our pack with strawberries, raspberries, feta, tortellini, and almonds. Yum! Then to another cafe for internet access (blargh) and home again.

We're in the process of building a bike trailer that can be easily transferred from one bike to another. This way we can eliminate the need for a car to transport large/heavy items. We were gifted some discarded bike wheels from the guy who rented our apartment previously, and had a piece of plywood lying around. We bought some brackets and screws and found a piece of PVC pipe lying around, so we should have most of what we need to build our trailer. I budgeted the cost of a tank of gas ($50) for the project, but so far we've only spent about $8.

Update: The bike trailer was finished today! Total cost was about $25. We have yet to take it on its inaugural journey.

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