Monday, June 30, 2008

Dumpstered Divinity

Late last night, while hanging out with a friend, we got the sudden urge for snack food. The stores were closed, so we hit our favorite dumpster, and man did we hit the jackpot. It's as though the dumpster gods knew we were in a snacky mood.

We got a watermelon, frozen edamame, olives, salsa, plus some pasta, chicken (pre-cooked) and several dozen eggs. I'm enjoying my edamame with salt as I type.


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Eve said...

Are you sure we are not related. We use to do this all the time when we first got married..we found cookies that had just expired..soft drink mixes..canned and bottled things that were perfectly fine, just past the sale date. Once we found all these pickles and we had pickles forever.

We also found electronic and kitchen items, furniture which just needed a little is amazing. Paper products, plants that just needed a little TLC to grow from behind a nursery..