Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chickens: Week 3

It is our week to have the chickens. Our neighbor packed them up their little chicken suitcases and sent them across the driveway to our house. They are back in the bathroom, snug as bugs. Here's what they look like now:

They are learning how to fly, and so we often go into the bathroom to find a chicken perched on the ledge of the container. We will have to devise a lid STAT. They have probably tripled in size, have way more feathers (including cute little tails), and they are just started to develop combs. We threw an ant into the ring a few days ago, and man did that thing get gobbled up quickly. It will still be several weeks before they can live outside, but soon we will start building their coop and chicken run. Yay Chickens!


Steven said...

what do you know about their genders?

Libby said...

It is still too early to tell what the chickens' genders are. Theoretically they are 90% female, but sexing chickens is tricky business. We will be able to tell if we have roosters when they develop combs and wattles, and the longer tail feathers. Otherwise, we'll know when he starts crowing. We can't really have a rooster on our street, so if we end up with one we will have to find him a new home.

Steven said...

Is that how the ratio normally works out?

heh. sexing chickens.