Monday, January 21, 2008

The First Post!

So, I've decided to start a blog, mostly to document my attempts at reducing the amount of trash I accumulate, the energy I waste, and the money I spend, while improving the food that I eat, honing some new skills, and learning to have fun without consuming so goddamn much.


Sarah said...

Hey Libby- I read through your blog thus far. I really like it!! I had no idea how to make any of the stuff you talk about, and I feel like I could now, and moreover, I feel like I want to! The only thing is that I have no idea what the heck kumbacha is :). This is a great idea for a blog- I'm sure other people would be interested too. Good luck with your reduction efforts. Those are a good idea too! <3, Sarah

Grant Wagner said...

Howdy folks,

I just came across your blog, and I really like what you're trying to do, especially with your covered wagon. I want to do something similar (except with a Toyota Corolla, but still). I've added you to my feed reader and I'll be catching up this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing everything.

But, please, please add an archive widget! It took me forever to get to the beginning!