Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Dream for the Future

I want to build my own house sooooo badly. And I'm frustrated as hell that it is going to be many, many years before I am in a position to do so. But I figure there's no harm in building the house in my head in the meantime. And before I even start, I know how naive and boring this is going to sound to most people. I'm just working through the ideas in my head. Bear with it or don't read it!

There are some general principles I know would have to be incorporated into my house:

-All building materials would need to be used/renewable.
-Solar power, rainwater collection, greywater system, passive solar heat
-Small! Well-designed so that you don't need a lot of space
-Outdoor areas would also be important. Large garden, underground cold storage (root cellar!)

Ideally, the house would not need to be on the grid, and all sources of heat and power would be renewable.

An idea I got from Tumbleweed Houses ( would make the house built on wheels, so that I could move without abandoning my home. They also had a pretty cool tiny bathroom design. The whole bathroom is the shower, and you pull little plastic sheets over the counter to keep your stuff dry.

Ideally I would be living in such a way that I would not need a refrigerator, or at least not a full-sized one. Tristan and I have talked about building a refrigerator that was cool by pumping cold water from a stream through the cooling coils, or something of that nature. A composting toilet would be pretty cool, too.

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Grant Wagner said...

I know this is a very old post, but I too fell in love with the Tumbleweed. i got a chance to see the Fencl when it came to Chicago, and it was increadably neat.

The pine intearior really appeals to me. The wet bathroom is a great idea, and the idea of a loft, even a small one on a mobile home is brilliant.

Some related projects I've found very appealing, such as the wooden showers of the Martin House To Go, the home made simplicity of the Gypse Rose and Zoey's "Living tiny 365". These are great examples of inginuity over expense.

Since I want to be able to pull mine with a Toyota Corolla, I think I'm going to do without the loft.